TIP 2 - Eat more Wholefoods

TIP 2 - Eat more Wholefoods

Try to eat a rainbow every day! By eating different coloured fruits and vegetables daily, not only are you fuelling your body with fibre but you will also be providing your body with a huge range of vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes necessary for digestion and a myriad of metabolic reactions that keeps our cells and bodily systems ticking over.

Try to choose a few from each list each day, by the end of the week you’d be surprised how much healthier you’re going to feel! Get juicing, experiment more in the kitchen, forage around the cupboards, find your dusty wok, drag out the casserole dish and get in some staples like coconut milk, tinned tomatoes and spices, quinoa, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, herbs and spices and just see what you can drum up!

Practice makes perfect!

Finally – here’s a list of lots of healthy wholefoods to choose from. Why not try buying a few different ones each week – before you know it you’ll be eating the rainbow!



Seafood – (if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian)

Nuts & Seeds

Beans & Legumes

Poultry & Meats (if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian)

Eggs & Dairy


Herbs & Spices

Have a Happy and Healthy Day!

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