Tip 3 - Eat more brown complex carbs

Tip 3 - Eat more brown complex carbs

We are talking bidding farewell to the white rice, the white pasta, white bread, crackers, noodles, tortillas, wraps, anything with white flour!

Why am I being such a party pooper you may very well ask? Well, because all the nutrients have been stripped and removed from the grain in the production process to make white flours, leaving them high in calories but low in nutrients. Basically empty calories!

White heavily processed carbs will only feed your body with sugar and also cause unhealthy spikes in your blood sugar levels, leading to a quick surge of energy followed by a massive energy slump, this will have you reaching for more foods and unhealthy choices quickly after a meal – not to mention how all that excess sugar will end up getting stored around your middle – as fat.

Instead, go for slow energy release unrefined complex brown carbs, like brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet or wholegrain pastas.

These come with all the nutrients and vitamins intact. Your body takes longer to digest these grains, slowly drip feeding your system with glucose and nutrients for sustainable energy.